Welcome to our New Website

Introducing our new website! The decision to update our website came from us wanting to be as digitally accessible as possible for parents to register their children. As well as being able to share the most up-to-date information about Green Roots, our tours, and our strict health and safety measures for Covid-19.

As a nursery and pre-school with eco-friendly values, we do not give out or receive paper forms, and submit all documents electronically. This helps us do our part for the environment and also reduces physical contact to uphold social distancing guidelines.

We now have a new and improved Registration Form on our website, where it will be easier to register your child to book your place at Green Roots. Through this form, you will be able to request your sessions, as well as pay your deposits for one or multiple children you wish to register. 

Another great feature of the new site is our improved blog which will share events and other activities happening at Green Roots, as well as useful tips and information for parents to read about childcare.

We hope you enjoy our new website, as we are always striving to make Green Roots as accessible as possible. 

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