Early Years Funded Entitlement

Everything you need to know about Early Years Funded Entitlement!

What is Early Years Funded Entitlement?

Early Years Funded Entitlement (EYFE) is effectively childcare funded by the Government for eligible children aged from the first term after they turn 9 months (from September 2024) to school age.

Universal 3- and 4-year-olds EYFE

All children will receive Universal EYFE the term after their 3rd birthday.

Working Families EYFE

Working families could be eligible for EYFE the term after their child’s 2nd birthday from April 2024 (the term after they turn 9 months from September 2024). For children aged over 3 years this is in addition to the Universal EYFE and will extend the number of funded hours.

Local Authority (LA) issued 2 yr old EYFE

You will need to apply to the local authority where you live and meet their eligibility criteria.

For families living in West Sussex please visit www.westsussex.gov.uk or apply here.

Families living in Hampshire visit www.Hants.gov.uk or apply here.

If LA issued 2-year-old EYFE is awarded, we can claim the funding from the confirmed eligibility start date, which will be detailed in your award letter following your application.  You will need to provide us with your code stated in your award letter and complete the Parent declaration we give you.  The funding will not be removed, even if your circumstances change.


To check eligibility for Working families EYFE please use the following website: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

By using the Childcare Choices website your child’s eligibility will be confirmed.  You will need to inform us by providing us with your unique code and following our checks we will be able to claim the funding.

Please check your child’s eligibility the term before they become of eligible age (please see chart below).

Once your child has started to receive LA issued 2-year-old or Universal 3 and 4-year-old EYFE, it continues until the end of term before your child starts full time school, however with the Working families EYFE you need to check your eligibility every 3 months.

Eligibility chart

Term Term begins from Eligible age (child born before) Eligible for Working families EYFE Eligible for LA issued 2 yr old EYFE Eligible for Universal 3 & 4 year old EYFE
Summer 2024 15th April 2024 31st March 2022 Yes April after 2nd birthday April after 3rd birthday
Autumn 2024 2nd September 2024 30th November 2023 Yes September after 2nd birthday September after 3rd birthday
Spring 2025 6th January 2025 31st March 2024 Yes January after 2nd Birthday January after 3rd birthday



Sessions must have started by the Headcount date which is usually the second week of the term.  If a child has not started by this date, we are not able to claim funding until the following term.  After Headcount date we are unable to reduce or increase the number of funded hours until the following term.

In exceptional circumstances claims for EYFE after Headcount may be accepted.  To make a Post Headcount claim we will require you to complete the relevant forms, the Local Authority will then decide whether to approve the funding.  We will not be able to provide your child with funded hours until we have received approval from the Local Authority.

Grace Periods for Working families EYFE

The grace periods apply when a parent either loses Working families EYFE eligibility or does not revalidate their code in time. The length of the grace period will depend on at which point in a term the code becomes invalid. If a code runs out due to ineligibility or failure to revalidate during the first half of a term, you will continue to receive your Working families EYFE until the end of that term. If the code runs out during the latter half of a term, you will receive your Working families EYFE until the end of the following term.

Should a parent of a 3- or 4-year-old fail to regain eligibility or revalidate their code they will continue to receive the Universal EYFE hours. You must inform us immediately if your child is no longer eligible for the Working families EYFE hours.

Date parent receives ineligible decision on reconfirmation Grace period ends
1st January – 10th February 31st March
11th February – 31st March 31st August
1st April – 26th May 31st August
27th May – 31st August 31st December
1st September – 21st October 31st December
22nd October – 31st December 31st March


Please take a look at our Early Years Funded Entitlement April 24 policy on our website for specific details regarding how you can access EYFE at Green Roots.

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