Armed Forces Day 2022

A chance for us at Green Roots to show our support and recognition for those in all areas of the Armed Forces past, present and future.

Being situated only walking distance from Thorney Island Army base and just a stones throw away from Portsmouth’s Naval base, how could we not celebrate such a fabulous day of recognition?! With so many of our families who previously attended our setting and current families being an active part of the Armed Forces, we wanted to support the children’s knowledge of why these individuals have been and continue to be a key element in protecting our Country.

Who are the British Armed Forces?

These men and women do their best to protect the UK and its interests. They can be deployed all over the world to help keep the peace, fight terrorism, deliver aid and provide security.

They include personnel from the Royal Navy, the British Army, the Royal Marines, and the Royal Air Force.

What impact do the British Armed Forces have on our children?

Although military life has many benefits, military-connected families also experience unique challenges such as being separated from loved ones and having to relocate frequently. This can create stress and anxiety for parents, carers, and children.

It is so important for us at Early Years Practitioners to support children and families at an early stage with the main aims of building resilience and improving their wellbeing. Sometimes all it takes for families is a friendly face to speak to and a comforting hug when times get particularly hard. For children, promoting knowledge of the Armed Forces through books, displays, activities, resources, and conversations is hugely supportive to their understanding.

CLAWBA (Children’s Learning and Well-being Audit)

‘The Children’s Learning and Well-Being Audit has been developed by a group of West Sussex early years professionals from the private, voluntary, and public sector, NHS health professionals, the West Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership and the West Sussex Parent Carer Forum in order to support children’s learning and overall well-being. We all want the best outcomes for every child and identifying those who are potentially more vulnerable at the earliest opportunity is essential if we are going to provide the right support at the right time to meet their needs and improve their life chances. We recognise that professionals working with early years children and their families already undertake a huge amount of work supporting the learning and well-being of children and this audit is designed to complement and enhance that work, by taking a holistic view of the child and their family in support of their learning’. (WSCC, 2022)

When we have been made aware of a child’s family member(s) being a part of the Armed Forces, they will be documented on our settings CLAWBA. This then initially makes their key people aware and informs them on how to support each child and family based around their individual need. This week in particular, the team have been investing a lot of their time into supporting the knowledge of the Armed Forces to the children creatively…take a look!

A huge thank you in general to all within the British Armed Forces but in particular all our currently serving families within Green Roots Nursery and Preschool. We salute you.

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