A Glimpse Into Our Garden

We believe that outdoor play and learning should be a central part of the daily routine for our children and babies, and our outdoor facilities make learning and play an exciting adventure!

The Green Roots garden is a beautiful large space at the back of the nursery, complete with mature trees and a sandy play area. There is also a large decked area which is covered, so it can be used as an outdoor play room and it even has its own boot and coat changing area. 

The garden is landscaped with a figure eight footpath running around the area, part of which will run through an underground tunnel. There is also a play structure designed with accessible low access points and with the very young children in mind, it is surrounded by a large sand area that is separated from the grassy areas.

In addition, on a flat cobbled surface with boulders and rocks, there is an interactive water pumping system where the children will be able to manually pump water into a system of intersecting ducts and channels, with areas so they can create water dams with sandbags. The water works its way out of the system to create a little stream along the ground to a hidden drain. 

Lastly, we have a vegetable patch so our little ones can enjoy hours of fun and learning in the garden!

View more photos of our building here.

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