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The Solihull Approach is a way for families to explore their feelings and build strong, healthy relationships. Until now, Solihull Approach training for parents/carers has only been available in face-to-face groups with limited numbers. But West Sussex County Council is now able to offer free online Solihull Approach training to all West Sussex residents!

Please let families know about this great opportunity. The Solihull Approach can help deal with challenging behaviour, but it’s also great information for all parents/carers who want learn more about how feelings and relationships interact in a family.

There are 3 courses:
• Understanding Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Your Baby
• Understanding Your Baby (birth-12 months)
• Understanding Your Child (0-18 years)

To learn more or to sign up, go to: Families who sign up now will get free lifetime access to the training, which will support them as their family grows.

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